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Carrot Bar

Simpel funktionel bar der kan sættes op på mange måder for bedst individuel trim.

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Simple. Functional. Safe.
Wainman Hawaii is proud
to introduce the innovative
Carrot Bar kite control system.

The Carrot Bar offers many
features to serve the needs of
any rider, no matter what the
skill level, while still being a very
minimalistic and light weight

Designed with several original
WH custom parts, this control bar
includes various set-up options.

Front Flying Lines
330kg/725lbs grey color coded lines with preassembled extensions that can be removed for different kite flying characteristics.

Rear Flying Lines
220kg/485lbs orange & green color coded lines with preassembled extensions that can be removed for different kite flying characteristics.

Swivel With Ceramic Bearing
Marine swivel with the breaking strain of 500kg/1100lbs. This unique high performance ceramic bearing offers unmatched free spinning capabilities under high tension loads without any corrosion risks that could result in the swivel getting stuck. Our swivel allows for multiple safety set-up options and easy maintenance.

Relaunch Ball
The relaunch balls on the back lines are used to assist in relaunching the kite when is leading edge down. Grab the relaunch ball in windy conditions and pull towards you for instant relaunch of kite.

Power Trim Adjustment With Magic Velcro
Simple trimming system based on the original Clam Cleat mechanism: pull rope in to shorten the front lines and reduce the kite`s power or release rope to lengthen front lines and increase power. The strong velcro keeps the extra adjustment rope in place while riding.

Soft Bar Ends and Comfort Bar Grip
Ergonomic molded EVA (floating cushy foam) bar ends provide soft touch feeling while riding and floats the bar when in the water. The line winder and integrated bungees on the bar ends keeps the winded lines in place after the session.
Molded "bmx" bar grip provides comfort for hands during kite steering.

Custom Depower Line
Dimmed transparent PU (very strong plastic) tube with two separate compartments, The tube houses the depower main line (600kg/1320lbs of breaking strain) and safety bungee line. This combo is well fitted in the center hole of the bar, providing superb power/depower capabilities and results in an amazing and direct kite feel.

Safety Buffer
Our unique buffer solution provides functionality for different safety setup options. The buffer length also ensures that all quick release activations will be successful. Additionally, the buffer provides chicken loop stability for unhooked riding as it gently locks into the center hole of the bar.

Safety Quick Release
The push away quick release handle is used to release the kite from rider in case of emergency. Depending on the selected set-up option, the kite will significantly depower, totally depower (flag) or separate from the rider.

Bar Leash
Made with strong bungee webbing, the Carrot Bar safety leash is equipped with a push away quick release handle, which will detach it from the rider when activated in case of danger. A soft neoprene sleeve covers the carabiner that is hooked to the bar.

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Yderligere information

Brand Wainman


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