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Joke board fra wainman, med boardet følger, straps, pads, finner og skruetrækker.

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The Joke is a high performance allround board that was designed by us to deliver a no-compromise tool for all the riders who really go for it. Providing the demanding kiteboarder with a blend of high performance and ease of use no matter their riding style: charging in the flats, dancing in the chops, hitting the sliders, or even carving the waves - was our goal.  All of this was made possible because of the unique construction of The Joke. This enables every rider to go big in absolutely all conditions while amazingly comfortable and forgiving landings assure the rider's safety and comfort. The combination of performance characteristics that includes: insane stability and spray free chop water riding, superb upwind ability, massive pop and fluid turns, together with its sporty but friendly character makes the Joke a perfect board for every rider. This model will definitely be pro's number one twintip choice, but with The Joke you absolutely don't have to be a pro to be stoked and feel like one.  No matter the level, all you need is your will to perform. It is that simple.


Technical specification

The Joke rides incredibly smooth in all conditions and handles pretty much everything. It is a very durable high performance board that was developed by the entire Wainman Hawaii team.  Our goal was to develop the ultimate allround twintip with lots of joy delivered back to the rider.  Its’ special characteristics are the result of blending many technical features that altogether make the Joke an unmatched twintip.

The key feature of The Joke is its unique  '3D' bottom shape that is made by the convex bubble placed on the center of the board, which is blending into the double concaves on the tips. Despite initial fear against such a radical design concept, this revolutionary kiteboard bottom shape provides great hydrodynamic characteristics – hence the name “The Joke”.

As a result, the board has 2 virtual rockers.  Riding on the rail activates the first: a 3-stage aggressive rocker that provides great pop and upwind performance.  The second one is placed in the center of the board: a predictable constant rocker that is responsible for soft and forgiving landings, great carving skills and placing the riding level above the chop, instead of fighting it while being sink in.

This bottom combination provides the most wanted kiteboard features in just one board, a feat that has not been achieved before. No more compromising anything – you can bite hard with the rail and still displace the water super softly and land even the most poorly executed moves on your board instead of your face.

The results of the unique bottom shape are some of the most advanced riding features. Riders can ride finless, spinning freely on surfaces, and sliding well on obstacles. To be performed only at the sole responsibility of the rider.

In order to be a versatile twintip, the deck of The Joke is totally flat.  This allows all possible bindings to be well mounted on this board without any shape limitations.  The deck shape, together with the progressively tapered rail and 3D shaped bottom, provides a very constant, powerful and predictable flex pattern of the board.

The thick rail that is rounded in the center and sharper by the tips, makes of the board press more water from underneath it. This provides the good low end and helps in gaining powerful pop.

As the result of slightly stiffer feel of the board, The Joke has great powerful spring and superb pop from the rail, while controlled softness still provides enough of the shock and gust absorption appreciated much in the water environment. That together with the 3D bottom shape results in the unmatched feel and great landing forgiveness of this board.

The Joke has the freestyle oriented outline with an abundance of allround spirit in it. The tips are much more square than in the freeriding Blunt and that results in better holding of the edge needed for powerful and loaded rail takeoffs. Similar to Blunt, Joke also has the “W” tip, that not only refers to our brand's initial, but also maximizes the rail length comparing to the whole outline of the board.  This still leaves some space for the water to be displaced from underside of the deck more easily with the cutout sections in the centers of the tips.

All the great riding specs of the Joke wouldn't be achieved without proper construction of the board and technical solutions used to build it. In order to survive all the great impacts and overloads that Joke shapes invites the rider to go for, we decided to really make sure that the construction of this board is bombproof. Giving a 2-year warranty for strict water environment usage of the product is definitely a challenge and only the highest grade of materials were used to build Joke to ensure this.

The full wood core of the board provides great strength to the construction and also spring to the pop. In order to control that and disable the side effect of jittering, we sandwiched it with the molded foam inserts. Using superlight prepreg epoxy lamination, we achieved the amazing weight of this super durable board. UV coated deck provides a long lasting quality look of the board, while the matt surface of the bottom promotes the best water flow.

All the size versions have their own subparts, in order to reduce the usage of heavy rail ABS material. This is used in order to provide the maximum durability to the rail, as it is the boards highly exposed section and is vulnerable to damages.

In order to provide the maximum versatility of stance options, we used 3+3 stance inserts that give the broad variety of possible binding/strap plates to be used.  All inserts are stainless steel certificated and reinforced mounted in the board.


The package

Wicked Joke Board in the size of your choice
Set of 4 hydrodynamic fins with 2 stainless steel screws with improved heads.
Pair of our new super light weight and asymmetric EVA pads thermoformed on carbon plates with anti slipping surface for mounting without washers
Pair of our new and even easier to mount and adjustable asymmetric straps with stainless steel screws.
Multifunctional screwdriver
Small accessories' bag to use as a kite sandbag or to carry a 6 pack, once the board is assembled with all accessories on it
Padded custom Joke Board Bag to protect your baby board against transportation scratches and damage, to be used at all times!

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Yderligere information

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