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WidowMaker 38.25"

The Widowmaker stands as the most uniquely designed board Five Mile has ever released.  Inspired by early S-Camber Slalom boards, The Widowmaker utilizes a 1/2” drop in the center of the board to create an angled tubbed rear foot pocket with a W.  Giving you more comfort and adjustability in your tuck, but it also gives you another advantage during high speed pre-drifts, you can now place your back foot deeper into the center drop to get a more even side load when you pull any type of slide.  That way, you can get your square lipped race wheels to break loose more evenly so they’re not so chattery, especially on that first slide.  Add the front and rear micro drops and spooned back end, and you are locked in whether you are blasting through cones, weaving through people, or ripping through a high speed technical Downhill course.  The deck shape also has large cutouts in front and rear to enable most truck and wheel setups.  The Widowmaker is constructed with 9 plys of Canadian Maple, a thin layer of bamboo on top, and a layer of fiberglass weave underneath the graphic, pressed with epoxy.

OBS: Boardet har desværre fået lidt skrammer i vores showroom. derfor sat på tilbud.

Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager

Pris: 1.499,95 kr

Special Price 899,95 kr




Wheelbase: 29.5 in - 31.0 in

Truck Pattern: Old School

Length: 38.25 in

Width: 10.0 in

Concave: 0.75 in

Drop: Yes: 0.35 in

Rocker: No

Flex: Stiff

Style: Downhill

Construction: 9 ply Canadian Maple / Bamboo Hybrid / Triaxial Fiberglass

Yderligere information

Yderligere information

Brand Five Mile Skateboards


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